‘Shoot her! Shooooot heeeer!’

I love Jurassic Park. And I have loved it since I first saw it back in the early 90′s. Today I revisited the film. But revisiting a favorite film from ones childhood is risky business! Personally I’ve¬†experienced¬†that my memories of those films are often contaminated by nostalgia & childhood awe & wonder. So obviously I had some reservations about watching the movie again, would I end up ruining the film? Was it going to be a ‘Ghostbusters’-experiance all over again?

Thankfully, Jurassic Park holds up. If anything Jurassic Park actually got better with time, or rather I understand it better as an adult. Especially Jeff Goldblum’s character Dr. Ian Malcolm and his ideas of Chaos Theory that were slightly a bit beyond my understanding at 10 years old.

But regardless of the deeper understanding of the themes & depth of Jurassic Park I now possess, I still get as wide-eyed & impressed whenever I see the dinosaurs! And I’m never gonna stop shouting “Shoot her! Shoooot heeer!” at random when playing FPS and/or Dino-games :)

Whaddayaknow, dinos loved water too!