Moments Lost by Analog Sweden

So you liked Blade Runner ey?  Yeah, we all did :)
And you loved the soundtrack too, didn’t you?

The music by Vangelis (Evánghelos Odysséas Papathanassíou) is one of a kind! 

The most influential synthesizer in the Vangelis sound setup was (is?) the Yamaha CS-80 – this wonderful instrument was released in 1976 and should you want to get your paws on one today it would cost you around £15.000 for one in mint condition. Quite a sizable sum of dough.

A couple of peeps who did get their paws on one of these Yamaha’s is AnalogSweden, and their project “Moments Lost” aims to recreate the sound and feel of the Vangelis soundtrack. They’ve created their own album and it’s now purchasable via their website

If you want to listen so some snippets of the album you can do that here:


Killian Eng - Moments Lost